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How it works

Step 1

14 Day Run Starts

Step 2

Continuous Launch of Hoods

Step 3

Creators get revenues through paid content etc.

Step 4

Creators use revenues to pump hoods

What's Pump?
Step 5

Next round of 14 day run starts



What can I get from the 14-Day program as followers?
During each creator Hood Release within the 14-day program, you can participate in the airdrop activity or directly make a purchase to acquire Hood. Additionally, you can follow the Pump activity to check the price curve changes of Hood and promptly acquire Hood with greater potential. After obtaining Hood, you will be able to sell it at any time in exchange for ETH.
What can I get from the 14-Day program as creators?
Creators can apply for a Launch Calendar position and gain additional exposure in the 14-day program. They can also channel their earnings from content & social aspects into the Pump activity, adjusting the price curve of their own Hood during each 14-day cycle to reward their followers. Creators can also receive FANS rewards and commission rewards in the issuance and trading of Hood.