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How it works

Step 1

Getting Started on FansHood

Register and setup your account. Complete profile and initialize your wallet.

Step 2

Producing content with efficiency

Use our AI tool to help you generate content more efficiently

Step 3

Upload Content to get rewards

Creating great content to get FANS rewards.

Step 4

Launch Hood to fund yourself

Launch your hood to get start-up FANS (in-app points). You will also get commission rewards when your hood is traded.

Step 5

Growing your fans by FANS

Grow your audience base through FANS promotion module. Use the FANS rewards to promote yourself.

Step 6

Monetizing Content on FansHood

FansHood offer all the ways you can have to get paid on platform

Step 7

Pump your Hood to reward fans

Utilize your content monetization revenue to pump your hood and reward your fans


Growth Tutorials

We provide detailed guide to help creators grow, contact our operation staff to know more information about how you can grow with us
MCN Connections

Multi-Channel Network (MCN) incubate and support creators within the FansHood system. FansHood will help creators and MCN to connect with each other, offer customized guidance and creator training for achieving mutual fast growth

Web3 / Web2 Creator Path Support

No matter you are Web3 oriented content creator or Web2 oriented content creator, we can tailor our support to your unique needs and objectives.

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